08 Jan 2023

How to create a successful YouTube channel aimed at kids and families?

If you want to make your career or just promote your business by choosing a Youtube channel aimed at kids and families you should act according to a plan Google advises you:

  1. Find Your Direction.
  2. Get the Right Production Tools. 
  3. Practice Using the Video Upload Process. 
  4. Choose Your Privacy Settings.
  5. Set Rules for Your YouTuber Kid.

It’s very important to follow these steps and find out all troubles that can occur at each step. You should understand children’s mindset for using patterns that are working on YouTube. Nowadays, it’s a very popular platform for everybody, especially during the pandemic, when families are watching more content together, including kids’ content. All search for the content he/she is interested in. The question is what kids are interested in. Look at what your child is interested in taking into account her/his age. As a rule kid’s channels are created by parents because it is exactly they who monitor what videos their children watch and with what pleasure they do it, so as a result there can even be a wish in your child to create his/her separate Youtube channel. If your kid is watching videos and some kids entertain them they imitate young Youtubers and want to have their own channels as well. Referring to the famous blog air.io you can find 18 great content Ideas for your Kids’ YouTube channel. Among them are a family blog, a channel about unusual places, interviews, culture videos, reviews on exotic food, a compilation of funny moments, life hacks for children, a dance channel, reviews of gadgets and useful applications, etc. You can also find other lists on Google and a lot of ideas on YouTube. Choose the right one. Listen to your child, listen to yourself, find statistics, find gaps and finally find your niche. Who told you that it’s easy? Children want to watch YouTube, and there is a lot of nice kids’ content – but there are also lots of videos that some parents may consider unsafe for their children. 

Study other bloggers’ ideas. For example, one of the YouTube bloggers Susanna (@coming_home) shared her experience of how she started her kids’ channel. She told viewers about a new show on Disney Junior and toys that she found in a shop like in the cartoon. All of that helped her to find her niche and create unique videos.

Remember that when your channel is aimed at kids and families, your audience should be families and kids. It’s a much broader category than only kids. You should make the main accent on family activities. Families watch movies, other family channels, and TV. Parents and kids spend time cooking and traveling together. They watch appropriate topics on YouTube. Thus you can find your niche there. Every family looks for a great time together. Unique recipes and traveling ideas can bring you money. 

Every member of a family wants to relax. Make not only entertaining but educational videos that can also be suitable for families and not only for kids. Make an exciting, entertaining, and interesting channel for them. Analyze the content of your competitors. Create your materials. It’s important to stick to a format that works for families, taking into account passions and hobbies that can be in your family. You’ll find a lot of subscribers, who can share their ideas with you and push you to create the content they are waiting for.

Experiencing troubles and studying the YouTube algorithm or how the system works will help you to create a successful Youtube channel that can grow every day. You should experience a lot, study competitors’ experiences, adapt to an ever-changing algorithm, and move forward analyzing all your mistakes.