Turnkey YouTube Channel

Production Story

Entrust your channels to the professional team

Included in the package:
  • Development of creative concept and promotion strategy
  • Script writing
  • Consulting on shooting
  • Video montage
  • Color correction
  • Motion design
  • Design cover
  • Seo optimization of the channel and videos
Your project will be assigned to a manager who will monitor the process and answer any questions you may have.
Order of work
1 step Preparation
  • Filling out the brief, collecting all the necessary information.
  • Setting goals and deadlines.
  • Meeting participants in the project.
2 step Working on the project
  • Develop 3 creative concept options and provide one to choose from.
  • Development of the content plan.
  • Writing and approving the script for the video.
  • Execute video editing.
  • Selection of keywords.
  • Start posting on the channel.
  • Analyze the data, make adjustments.
Production story video for kids
Video in story format
What's included:
  • Script writing
  • Consultation on the shooting
  • Video montage
  • Add sound effects
  • Color correction
  • Motion design
  • Design cover
  • Selection of keywords, titles, tags
$ 550 /per clip
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Story package
  • creating a concept for a YouTube channel
  • defining target audience
  • design planning
  • making a development strategy for the channel
  • creation of unique content from 8 stories
  • writing the script for the clips based on the approved idea
  • organizing and carrying out the shooting
  • editing of the footage
  • design of covers and channel
  • SEO optimization and content posting
$ 3000 /month