02 Feb 2023

How to create a successful YouTube Channel for kids in 2023?

If parents want to start a YouTube channel successfully, they have a lot of questions to consider. They begin by finding a great video that blows up their views. They are fortunate if they know how to do so and are certain that they have an awesome idea that is competent with other ideas and has a unique niche. If not, they can sign in to the training courses to find their niche. Nevertheless, they should know a lot about the successful creation of their YouYube channel. It’s not so easy and a lot of YouTubers encounter a lot of problems doing that. For example, important settings and growing YouTube channels by using the YouTube description box.

Parents should know, what Internet safety and COPPA are and how to manage their channel, customize it, create art, and edit it as well as how to grow it. Thus if we are talking about creating a successful YouTube channel for kids we are sure that you know all of that. On the opposite side, you can visit training courses for that.

Thus, if you want to create a successful YouTube Channel for kids in 2023, you should know the trends of 2022 year and the trends of the current day. You should figure out what videos you want to do first so you can maximize the growth of your channel.

For example, some YouTubers use the vidIQ extension to show you the number of subscribers to any video that comes up in the search list. So, this can be a very handy feature for you to find videos in your niche that have more subscribers. Pay more attention to subscribers but not views quantity. The more subscribers the better. You can make a proportion for yourself of subscribers and viewers and find the right videos with more subscribers.

If we are talking about trends that can be in 2023 they are drawing and coloring. Children love to draw and paint. If you want to be successful in this niche study Kimmy the Clown example. She has millions of subscribers and she is successful in this niche. 

The second trend is toy unboxing. There can be adult or kids participants in this process or all together. You can research this topic well with vidIQ before creating your videos.

Skimmy is the next trend. Study Diana & Roma and Geneviever’s Playhouse for that.

Gaming is the fourth one and a very competitive niche. You should study all lists of games that are trending, and your competitors, and make your strategy. YouTube can be oversaturated with certain games, so you can research games in previous years that were the top ones there and move in the direction to create new videos.

The last spread idea is kids’ challenges. Probably you heard about it from your or other kids. Kids love to do challenges. It’s an interesting topic for them. Thus, you have a lot of work to do before posting your video and the next ones. It’s a continuous process of researching and creating.