10 Jan 2023

Create Great YouTube Kids’ Channels

Great YouTube Kids’ Channels like Kids’ Roma shows, and Chu Chu TV Classics have many views whereas others with hundreds of views are boring. It’s a result of folks’ love of amusement and you have to struggle for your viewers. One of the attractive things Youtube has is looking at the time. It’s necessary to trace which videos are watched best and the way long for Youtube statistics.

What special video-editing software you’ll use it’s up to you, however, you have to study all “sticky” tips rigorously. If we are talking about the length of the videos at the beginning, it`s better to start with ten minutes video, then you can improve your watch time, and build longer videos. You should take into consideration the age of the kids. For 2 years kids it’s suggested to watch 15-20 minutes of videos per day, one hour for 3-4 years, and five years children and older can watch videos up to 2 hours per day. Therefore you shouldn’t produce long videos. You have to study your audience!

For creating a successful model for your kid’s channel find similar videos you’d like to post. Visit a website called SocialBlade.com. It’s a great place to see who’s succeeding on the topic you’ve chosen to post. After finding successful channels, study their patterns in early, mid, and latest material. If you follow top models, it’ll be a successful step forward for creating great videos – other channels` patterns, but the materials are yours. It sounds good, doesn`t it?

You can create cool videos by taking the best trends from the Internet. For example, ideas associated with toys, games, dressing up, educational kid YouTube channel content, fun, and creative arts. But don’t stick to them much, because there are a lot of examples of bad Youtubers, who use these ideas not in the right way. Study statistics carefully.

You should have the right production tools such as camera, microphone, editing software, etc. For example, one of the YouTube bloggers Susanna (@coming_home) uses such equipment in her videos as Neewer Ring Light (for her face), iPhone 6 Plus (Filming), Rode Wireless GO Microphone (plug-in for iPhone), 1 LED Box Light (Background Lighting), and Adobe Premiere Elements 15.0 (Video Editing).

Study carefully all equipment other bloggers for Youtube channel use and choose the best that will be perfect for your great video making.