14 Jan 2023

How to safely create a YouTube Channel for kids?

If you have a great idea to create a Google account for your kid and a kid’s YouTube channel you should perform many steps of registration and settings. We care about our children and do all that is possible to make their life safe in Google. Thus, safety is first. There are a lot of settings in Google and YouTube, which help you to create safety account, but as a parent or as an adult without kids, who wants to create a safe channel, you should remember simple rules for publishing personal information.

So, please, don’t give people the real surnames of kids, and don’t use their names for personal accounts on Google. Create something original, but without paying attention to the personal name of your kid. For example, the Mary Star Production channel associates not only with Mary but with star production. 

Children use their names in videos on Youtube. They give a part of their personal information of them. They can create videos at their home or surroundings. But remember to hide their addresses and phones. Protect your children. Remember that they are children, nevertheless of the age of the children in your channel.

Protect them from bullying. Tell children about their safe activity on the Internet and Youtube, because you can’t control everything. Provide them with the safety all settings give you and be very empathic to all activities kids use on YouTube. Communicate with kids more and ask about their activities there every day.

Supervise your kid if he/she is the age in your country, which allows him/her to create a YouTube channel. This age differs in all countries and is from 13 to 17. If your kid is under 13 you can create a Youtube channel for him/her and post videos with your kid.

Your scenario in creating a kid’s YouTube channel can be very different – from using adults, and your kids to other children and various combinations of all of these participants. The only aim is to create safety YouTube channel for children if they are participants and to post materials that are aimed at a certain category of children. Remember about ads, which are forbidden.

And finally, love children and make them fun. Your goal is not only to get money on YouTube if you or your children have a kid’s YouTube channel but the care for the safety and happy childhood of all children on the planet. The right setting and right content have to accompany you every day!