12 Jan 2023

How to Start a Successful YouTube Kids Channel

If you want to earn thousands of dollars every month like the biggest YouTube channels you should study hard how to create simple videos on the Mary Star Production channel. You can be a beginner and face some problems when you start posting your videos. Without prior knowledge and experience, you can`t teach how to start creating a successful YouTube kids’ channel.

First, you need to create a Google account. If you don’t have it you can just google and find step-by-step instructions on how to create it. After that, you can sign in on YouTube using your Google account. Further, you need to hide all your personal information from Google and create your brand account. Then plan your days out, reviews, challenges, etc. Make sure you have some fun in your videos. If you are not having fun, make yourself fun.

You should go online and find free editing software and other useful tools to make your video blog extremely successful. Some bloggers, for example, use the simple and easy program VSDC for editing videos. You can stick to YouTube editors or use such free programs as GIMP, OBS, and HitFilm, platforms such as Izzyvideo for getting information about video shooting, etc. Make presentable videos with the image editing program GIMP, creating arts and profile pictures with it. Decide by yourself how must channel layout look and optimize it for viewers and subscribers. If you’ll get more experience you can use more complicated programs such as OBS to get the best quality videos.

Create a channel trailer. It is a video designed to help people quickly learn about a YouTube channel. Thus, everybody can get all the necessary information about your channel.

You must use a good camera to create great videos. It’s very important for viewers. They wish to watch videos in multiple formats of the highest quality. A good camera and using the video editor Hitfilm will help you to realize all of these challenges.

It’s very essential to create some thumbnails autogenerated or by yourself. Youtube gives you three thumbnails to choose from. If you don’t like them, create your ones. When uploading videos create titles and tags and post one video for your fans every two weeks or whether they will lose the subscribers.

Of course, you will need to learn all the technical tricks you can use to rank your videos higher in the search results. Make sure that all your friends and family are subscribed to you.

Leave comments on other channels and they will hopefully coming subscribed to you. Visit social sites like Twitter. Follow people there and they’ll follow you back on YouTube and stuff like that.

Be patient with your subscribers. They need to have a rhythm in the first two months or so your subscribers get started to have rhythm and try new videos.