18 Jan 2023

Training course Youtube Kids Channel

If your child ever dreamed about creating his/her Youtube channel then it’s the best opportunity to help him/her start a Youtube or gaming channel.

In this course, you will learn how to start a great Youtube channel as well as how to get your channel monetized with ads that can create passive income.

We’ll tell you who viewers, creators, and advertisers are and their roles on Youtube. 

Your child can become a successful Youtuber and pay for ads during posting videos. However, you should remember what is forbidden to post taking into account child-oriented content.

You and your child do not need to have special knowledge or ideas for posting.

The course will help to come up with video ideas. Your child will do it herself/himself according to his/her interests, hobbies, and passions. We’ll tell you about all ideas for your child taking into account his/her passion get unique ones. We should say that it’ll be hard enough but we’ll support the minor during his/her training program.

Our course includes creating a Google account, and brand account according to all safety rules.

You’ll learn the optimization of Youtube videos in such a way it wants them to be. You should remember that Youtube is a very competitive platform and you should know the structure of the site, all features, opportunities, and all specifics of the platform to work right with it. Then a child will understand how the Youtube algorithm or system works.

We’ll teach you how to work with vidIQ and other sites and platforms as well as free software for creating and editing videos. 

The course is about how to create your Youtube channel and grow to millions of viewers and subscribers. This course will help you to be a professional creator of high-quality videos.

The given course is aimed at kids. That’s why there are a lot of examples of gaming channels because children like to play games. However, this course is for anyone who wants to reach out to YouTube subscribers.