16 Jan 2023

Youtube Kids Channel course for beginners

The YouTube Kids Channel course for beginners includes all the necessary information about starting a blog, and understanding social media, starting a Youtube channel, growth, and goals.

Children should understand how to tell a story, express their thoughts, design their site, and more.

Minors, which are called children under 18 years old should know what social media is, how they can safely use it for the growth of Youtube channels, how to manage it, turn off and monitor comments, and more.

Young YouTubers should understand what they need, how to shoot quality videos, and the features of Youtube kid’s channels depending on their age. 

Children should understand how to push their videos for their growth, and how to set strategies for working on different challenges. There can even be discussed ways how to make money on a Youtube channel.

You should know all safety rules for your underage child and provide safety for him/her during posting.

You should take into consideration the child’s ideas about posting, and his/her wish to post. Youtube is an entertainment platform and viewers like to have fun watching videos. Children should have fun too and like their activities.  

Children should know the importance of thumbnails, video titles, descriptions, and tags as well as adults who post content for children. 

Thumbnails, for example, have to be in mild colors. You should avoid acid colors and special effects that can affect kids’ mental states.

Talking about video titles with your kid, he/she should understand the use of keywords, time codes, links to the Subscribe button, and higher main playlists.

Use both specific and general keywords, and add your video, channel, and playlist titles. 

Tags can help you to answer the question of what focus should be on the next videos.  

Children also should understand the statistics and Youtube analytics for the growth of their videos.

Help your children and supervise him/her during posting videos on YouTube caring about safe.